The Table of Contents

The Honor War Sheila PaulsonLord of the Rings 5
The West MaggieOriginal 27
The House on York Street Catherine SchleinWild Wild West 28
Family Matters Dana BellFirefly 43
My Beautiful Fields Teri SarickOriginal 62
Bithool Gagh Has Feet Lorraine AndersonStar Trek: DS9 63
Climb Teri SarickOriginal 68
The Hitchhiker Susan MacdonaldThe Master / Hull 69
The Sacrifice Loretta GrecoGarrison's Gorillas 75
Sleep Teri SarickOriginal 82
The Ferengiar Freight Service Lorraine AndersonStar Trek: DS9 83
Come Fly with Me MaggieFandom
Garlands Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 85
Unforsaken K. Hanna KorossySupernatural 119
Heart of a Hobbit Sheila PaulsonLord of the Rings 130
Lake Effect Teri SarickOriginal 134
Lorpa Lorraine AndersonStar Trek: DS9 135
Memories Loretta GrecoHawaii 5-0 139
Where the Shadows Lie Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 144
Show Me the Mountie Teri SarickDue South 146
Mr. Monk Meets the Mountie at McGinty's Teri SarickMonk / Due South 147
Lost Chicago Teri SarickEarly Edition 186
I am the Thing Teri SarickSpooky 186
The Perfect Opening Lorraine AndersonStar Trek (TOS) 186
Delusion Teri SarickOriginal 188
The Years They Come Catherine SchleinLord of the Rings 189
Key Elements Dana BellStargate SG-1 / Surface 199
The Rescue Mission Peggy HartsookStar Trek (TOS) / Dr. Who 217
On Viewing Sunsets and Making Lemonade Catherine SchleinWild Wild West 232
A Lieutenant Calls Teri SarickColumbo 262


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