The Table of Contents

Friendship's Song MaggieOriginal 6
Rward Enough K. Hanna KorossySupernatural 7
Reflections MaggieSupernatural 22
Oasis Sheila PaulsonRat Patrol 23
New Hope Dana BellFirefly 34
In Spite of Jim Lorraine AndersonStar Trek (TOS) 43
Afterall Teri SarickQuantum Leap 43
Diplomatic Immunity Susan MacdonaldBarney Miller 46
Starship Leap Teri SarickQuantum Leap / Enterprise 53
Hate the Singer, Hate the Song Teri SarickQuantum Leap 76
Silent Night Peggy HartsookHawaii 5-0 77
Let Them Eat Cake Catherine SchleinLord of the Rings 116
63rd and Madison Teri SarickNow and Again 142
Lizzie Teri SarickNow and Again 146
Last Duty Lorraine AndersonStar Trek (TOS) 147
Heart to the Stars Teri SarickStar Trek (TOS) 151
Blood is Thicker Than Water Rosean LaChanceBig Valley 152
A Question of Faith Lorraine MumawRobin of Sherwood 167
Limits K. Hanna KorossyStarsky and Hutch 180
For Old Time's Sake Patt Dunn and Di SmithPeacemakers 192
In Great Aunt Maude's House Catherine SchleinWild Wild West 236

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