The Table of Contents

Charge Over Thee Debra HicksMagnificent 7 3
Max Teri SarickRoswell 15
Dreams of Gold Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 16
Father Ray Teri SarickNothing Sacred 45
Revelations Andra MuellerKung Fu: TLC 46
You Know You're a Kung Fu Monk When... Teri SarickKung Fu: TLC 69
Territorial Boundaries K. Hannah KorossyStarsky and Hutch 70
Oh, the Days MaggieMultimedia 82
I'm Here Melissa MastorisX-Files 83
Orphans Lynn HarveyMagnificent 7 84
Promises to Keep Lucy BroadwayHighlander 99
A Measure of Time Catherine SchleinEmergency! 158
Reality Check Teri SarickQuantum Leap 164
Sleepwalking Teri SarickDue South 166
Strangers Met, Friends Kept Lynn HarveyGarrison's Gorillas 170
Decisions: Yoda Melissa MastorisStar Wars 179
When Love Must Die Melissa MastorisHighlander 180
One is a Lonely Number Catherine SchleinSentinel 181
The Gift Melissa MastorisHighlander 197
The Truth in a Paranoid Enigma Catherine SchleinInvisible Man 198
Richie Remembered Melissa MastorisHighlander 211
Early Edition Riddles Teri SarickEarly Edition 212


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