The Table of Contents

Broken Covenant Debra HicksMagnificent 7 7
Beating the Odds Catherine SchleinEmergency! 18
Avon the Alpha Teri SarickBlake's 7 26
SG-1 Survival Kit James WalkswithwindStargate SG-1 27
Angel Wings Teri SarickAirwolf 29
Sanctuary Mary BloemkerShadow Chasers 30
Levon Lundy: Lost and Found Lynn HarveyHouston Knights 56
Texas Dreams MaggieHouston Knights 74
Livin' on Hellmouth Liza OsburnBuffy: TVS 75
Some Kind of Friend K. Hanna KorossyStarsky & Hutch 76
Constance Teri SarickThe Visitor 87
Caged Angel Lynn HarveyGarrison's Gorillas 88
Your Young Men Shall See Visions Sheila PaulsonSentinel/Real Ghostbusters 96
Somewhere in the Night James WalkswithwindThird Watch 117
In the Heat of the Day Lisa SwetnamMagnificent 7 119
Wild West MaggieMagnificent 7 125
Coming in from the Cold Teri SarickMan from UNCLE 126
Regrets Lynn HarveyHouston Knights 128
Benny Teri SarickDue South 137
Slight of Mind Donna AndrewsReal Ghostbusters 138
Buffy's Angel Liza OsburnBuffy: TVS 154
Technicolored Rainbows Catherine SchleinHighlander 155
The Night of the Bandits Catherine SchleinWild Wild West 195


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