The Table of Contents

Show Synopses Various Any and Every 3
Moonwords Teri Sarick Original 6
Conversations on Endor Lisa Swetnam Star Wars 7
Hunters Under James Walkswithwind seaQuest DSV 10
Smoke and Mirrors Melissa Mastoris X-files 20
Windward Home Catherine Schlein Highlander 21
Zone Maintenance Teri Sarick Original 60
Survival Sheila Paulson Real Ghostbusters 61
The Start of a
Beautiful Friendship
Peggy Kimball FX 76
Hang On, Dana Melissa Mastoris X-files 93
The Hunt K. Hanna Korossy Starsky and Hutch 94
Hearts Melissa Mastoris X-files 107
A Spell to Remember Donna Andrews Real Ghostbusters 108
Secrets Andra Mueller Kung Fu: TLC 134
Oh, Yeah Teri Sarick Kung Fu: TLC 161
We'll Go Fishing
When You Get Back
Teri Sarick Kung Fu: TLC 161
Gary's Cat Teri Sarick Early Edition 162
Sun Times Teri Sarick Early Edition 162
Editorial Leap Teri Sarick Early Edition/
Quantum Leap
The Night of the Legacy Catherine Schlein Wild Wild West 188
In the Nick of Time Raid R.K. MacBride Rat Patrol 198
The Way Home Catherine Schlein The Sentinel 246


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