The Table of Contents

Reality Check Catherine Schlein The Sentinel 3
Shambala Teri Sarick Kung Fu: TLC 12
What Are Friends For? James Kythe
Real Ghostbusters 13
The River Teri Sarick Kung Fu 38
Radiant Road Teri Sarick Kung Fu: TLC 57
Rich and Rare Christine Jeffords Simon and Simon 58
Firestorm Catherine Schlein Highlander 66
X Marks the Spot R.K. MacBride World War II 74
Reflections on a Wall Maggie World War II 82
Mezmeries Teri Sarick Kung Fu: TLC 83
Tricor Trilogy Chris Jeffords Riptide 86
Zone of Unknowing Sheila Paulson Real Ghostbusters 89
Circles Teri Sarick Kung Fu: TLC 123
Return to Paradise Jerry Tilton Star Trek 124
Road Not Taken Andra Mueller Kung Fu: TLC 130
I Want to Believe Melissa Mastoris X-files 134
Bomber's Moon L.C. Wells World War II 135
The Night of
Madame Isabeau
Catherine Schlein Wild Wild West 144
Ashes, Ashes Jerry Tilton Original 159
If Wishes Were Horses Teri Sarick Wizards and Warriors 160
Partners Andra Mueller Kung Fu: TLC 161
Believe the Lie Patricia Dunn X-files 162
Arrivals and Departures Tammy Croft Mixed 163
Dreaming Teri Sarick Earth 2 166
Hard Day's Night Jean McClure Kung Fu: TLC 168
Strange Happenings Pamela Corsa Houston Knights 171
Kenobi's Mistake Melissa Mastoris Star Wars 182
Demons Peggy Kimball FX/Real Ghostbusters 183
The Cold Bug Affair Teri Sarick Man from UNCLE 200
Victoria Melissa Mastoris Due South
Normandy R.K. MacBride World War II 207
Legacy Patricia Dunn Poltergeist 236
Journey into Hope Catherine Schlein Houston Knights 237


Leslie Spurlock front cover
Melody Rondeau 36,101
Catherine Schlein 4,68,146,173,187,209
Leah Rosenthal 167
Rosann Rice 238

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