The Table of Contents

Shadow of a Doubt Sioned Dannan Riptide 3
Columbo Teri Sarick Columbo 14
Blake's Price Melissa Mastoris Blake's 7 15
Doors Sheila Paulson Real Ghostbusters 16
Lombard Texas Catherine Schlein Houston Knights 39
Reflections on a Houston Night Maggie Houston Knights 45
Duty and Sacrifice Lori Beatty Due South 46
Veiled Thoughts Teri Sarick Nowhere Man 61
Taming of the Q Rachel Brody SeaQuest/Trek 62
Firm It Up Teri Sarick Adderly/Airwolf 83
If We Should Meet Again Debra Hicks Rat Patrol 86
Rat Patrol Anne Collins Smith Rat Patrol 89
Technicality Jerry Tilton Original sf 90
My Father's Face Melissa Mastoris Dr. Who 95
Return to Sender Birgit Stabler Real Ghostbusters 96
A Proper Perspective Lori Beatty Due South 117
Hijack of Sikorsky 6-Niner-8 Chris Jeffords Riptide 125
Echoes Teri Sarick Earth 2 157
V-2 Raid R.K. MacBride Rat Patrol 158
Overworked Expert Anne Collins Smith Rat Patrol 167
Please. Do Me a Favor Jan Wertz Highlander 168
Chameleon Teri Sarick Battlestar Galactica 197
The Night of the Darkening Web Catherine Schlein Wild Wild West 199
Goldilocks Raid R.K. MacBride Rat Patrol 253
I Am a Hauptmann of the Panzer Corps Anne Collins Smith Rat Patrol 272
Primal Fears Catherine Schlein The Sentinel 275


Leslie Spurlock front cover

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