The Table of Contents

Jake "Baby Face" Slade Jan Wertz Highlander 3
Greetings Teri Sarick Star Trek 13
Bridging Troubled Waters Catherine Schlein Emergency! 14
A Favor Returned Sue Anne Sarick Batman/Stingray 31
Toys Sheila Paulson Real Ghostbusters 36
Night Heat Sue Ann Sarick Night Heat 65
A Matter of Timing Elise Dickenson Due South 66
Very Last Raid, part 2 R.K. MacBride Rat Patrol 69
Roses Burning Teri Sarick Stingray 90
Heart of Darkness Dana Bell Kung Fu: TLC/The Shadow 92
Clear and Pure Jean Thrower Due South 101
Tunnel Rain Teri Sarick Beauty & the Beast 112
Arcs of Time Chris Kamnikar & Catherine Schlein Kung Fu: TLC/Highlander 113
One Good Turn Raid Anne Collins Smith Rat Patrol 153
Street Kid Teri Sarick Beauty & the Beast 159
Without Honor Catherine Schlein Highlander 161
Top Ten Lines of the Prisoner Sue Ann Sarick The Prisoner 188
Soul Wings Tammy Croft Forever Knight 189
The Night Before Christmas Raid R.K. MacBride Rat Patrol 190
Night Crew Teri Sarick Star Trek 202
MVP D. Brische Kung Fu: TLC 203
Stallion's Gate Teri Sarick Quantum Leap 213
The Night of the Wildfire Catherine Schlein Wild Wild West 215
Cat Snatching Aliens Teri Sarick Original 221
Fathers Tammy Croft Forever Knight 221


Leslie Spurlock front cover

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