The Table of Contents

Aftereffects Sheila PaulsonGhostbusters 3
First Name Melissa MastorisMacGyver 24
Sometimes Draems Do Come True Christine WirickMacGyver 25
These Two Come Paired L.A. Car & Susan HallKung Fu: TLC 30
Fate Winds Kelly TharpStar Wars 32
The Last Jedi Melissa MastorisStar Wars 45
The Enigma Raid R.K. MacBrideRat Patrol 46
Holding Out for Classic Trek Teri SarickStar Trek (TOS) 51
The Coin Pamela CorsaStar Trek (TOS) 52
All in a Day's Work Melissa MastorisMan from UNCLE 65
File 12-13 Catherine SchleinHighlander / X-Files 66
Band of Gold Tammy CroftMan from UNCLE 91
You Belong to Miami Teri SarickMiami Vice 92
Grey Fox Raid R.K. MacBrideRat Patrol 93
Balance Teri SarickStingray 112
Houston Holiday Rachelle SteinHouston Knights / Equalizer 113
Flying Black Teri SarickRaven 127
Power Conversions Teri SarickThe Phoenix 128
Songs in the Key of Life Catherine SchleinHouston Knights / Kung Fu: TLC 130
Chris' Philosophy Teri SarickNorthern Exposure 171
Walls of Time Karen Moss WillnerStar Trek: TNG 172
The Request Melissa MastorisMan from UNCLE 191
The Long Ride Karen EmersonYoung Riders 192
Buck Tammy CroftYoung Riders 194
Little Sister Tammy CroftYoung Riders 200
Memories of Our Yesterdays Catherine SchleinHighlander 201
Eleanor and the Thief Teri SarickCovington Cross 227
The Night of the Golden Nuggets Catherine SchleinWild Wild West 228


Leslie Spurlockfront cover
Melody Rondeau21
Jeanne McClure26
Catherine Schlein76, 94, 112, 115, 176, 208
Kelly Tharp42
Debi Barbich59
Roseanne Rice130, 131

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