The Table of Contents

Warm ShadowLord of the Rings 2
Hearth and Home ShadowLord of the Rings 17
Stranger Moon ShadowLord of the Rings 35
Should I Fall Behind RosalitaNightwatch 46
Monsters Lady J and BastCompany Business 64
Gift Lady JCompany Business 70
Taking Care of Business Bast and Lady JCompany Business 75
Forever May Not be Long Enough to Forgive AngeliseThe Mummy Returns 83
Call Me Brother Listen-rBrotherhood of the Wolf 96
Master Khan: Kneel Before Thy Master Rauhnee Ranshanka and VorexSWAT Kats / Tail Spin 104
Strange Happenings PhythonMen in Black 2 / Law and Order 128
Connection Sleeps With CoyotesThe X-Files / Smallville 166
The Stars BastTremors 178
Perfection BastTremors 183
Committed BastTremors 191


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