The Table of Contents

Multiplicative Proclivites Editor 3
Flights of Fancy Jane Terry 4
Two Blind Mice Lois Welling 22
A Man of Integrity Jane Carnall 72
In Halka's Wake Emily Ross 108
Turnabout Anonymous 111
The Tantalus Syndrome Ellen Morris 162
Hand to Hand Ellen Morris 174
Simply Love Camille Lang 206
Double Dare Camille Lang 209
Dreaming in Code Ellen O'Neill 210
Before the Day Ellen O'Neill 212
I Dream Again Anita Livings 214
The Haunting Victoria H. Clark 215
Take These Broken Wings Lorelei 216
A Change of Mind Toni Cardinal-Price 219
A Matter of Approval Toni Cardinal-Price 234
Sand Castles Toni Cardinal-Price 248
Apotheosis Toni Cardinal-Price 252
Coming Home Toni Cardinal-Price 253
Till the Night Comes In Toni Cardinal-Price 270


Arleen Geller front cover

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