The Table of Contents

Home is Not a Place Vicky Netzley inside front cover
Multiplicative Proclivites x 11 Editor 4
LOC Column Various 6
Lie Down With Love Eve Stewart 10
Night Fire Ellen Morris 29
Thinking About Slash Edi Bjorklund 30
Son of Eridani Star Vicky Netzley 39
Mirror Allegiance (part 2) Flora Poste 40
So Great That Distance Flora Poste 144
What Else Now Flora Poste 145
Five, Six, Pick Up Sticks Lindsey Young 146
Medical Mind Mary Ann Drach 152
Pas de Deux James Alberty 191
A Different Reality Jo Ann Sides 198
Just as the Twig is Bent Barbara L.B Storey 200
Through Which I Could Not Touch Flora Poste 233
Genesis Aftermath Elwyn Conway 234
Spock Rising Vicky Netzley 295
Heartstrings Terry Todzonia 297
To Toni Cardinal-Price Jean Schnedler 298
Untitled Toni Cardinal-Price 299
No Greater Gift Toni Cardinal-Price 300
To Possess the Wonder Toni Cardinal-Price inside back cover


Pat Horowitz front cover, calligraphy
Caro Hedge front cover, interior graphics

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