The Table of Contents

Yet Love Remains Jean Chabot IFC
Title Page Editor 1
Dedication Page Editor 2
Multiplication Proclivities Editor 5
All Stories New Nancy Esther James 6
A Durable Flame Flora Poste 9
In Trust Mary Ann Drach 10
Brief, Shining Moment Emily Ross 21
Letting Go Flora Poste 22
Golden Boy Judy Darnell 24
Leila Emily Ross 26
Another Addict Raves About K/S Joanna Russ 27
Morning Glory Liz Darcy 39
A Last, Sweet Taste of Darkness Meg Fine 40
Counterpoint Liz Darcy 42
Fantasies Beverly Sutherland 43
Untitled Jean Schnedler 101
Nature Study Wanda Atwell 102
New Dawn Liz Darcy 103
Time Present Flora Poste 105
The Price Jane Yambe 106
There Are Many Ways
to Mourn an Icarus
Jane Yambe 107
Mirror Antagonists Flora Poste 108
Mirror Antecedents Flora Poste 151
Nighttime Soliloquy Pat Foley 213
Such Stuff as Dreams
are Made of
A.F. Black 216
Tell Me, Jim...
What Does it Mean?
Beverly Sutherland 219
Portrait of a Legend Sharon Fetter 222
Journey to the Day, Pt. 2 Merle Decker 227
Sound of Heartbeats Mary Ann Deusen 278
Untitled Jean Schnedler 282
Never Told Him Donna Rose Vanderlaan 283
Time Kathleen Resch 286
Absence Without Leave Flora Poste 291
And Never Parted, Pt. 3 Elwyn Conway 292
Matters of the Heart Judy Darnell 388
In the Season of the Rose Judy Darnell IBC


Caren Parnes front cover
Barbara L.B. Storey back cover
M.V.M. Varela table of contents

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