The Table of Contents

Winds of Change Judy Darnell IFC
Title Page Editors 1
Dedication Editors 2
Multiplicative Proclivities Editors 5
Second Star to the Right and
Straight on Till Morning
Meg Fine 6
The Key Liz Darcy 9
After Talos IV Jane Yambe 10
Antinomy Suzan Lovett13
Untitled Victoria H. Clark 130
In the Heart of the Night Judy Darnell 131
Truth's a Nail of Iron Vivian Gates 132
The Secret Liz Darcy 141
Turning Point Sharon Fetter 142
A Common Bond Ginna LaCroix 144
The Winter of Despair Sharon Fetter 182
Victory Caro Hedge 184
Night Currents Vel Jaeger 185
All I See Karen Swanson 189
Let Me Help Jo Ann Sides 190
Mirror Afterthoughts Flora Poste 193
Forget B.L Barr 214
Silver and Gold Katherine Gillen 215
Yesterday, One Golden Afternoon Wanda Atwell 239
Remembering Will Have To Do Toni Cardinal-Price 242
Our Memories Alone Toni Cardinal-Price 247
T'hy'la Denise Habel 248
An Economy of Memories Connie R. Faddis 251
Home: A Ni Var Audrey Williams 267
Psi 2000 Flora Poste 268
Wind Walker's Wisdom Sharon Fetter 271
Journey Jean Hinson 272
Dialogue in One Voice Audrey Williams 281
Journey to the Day Merle Decker 283
Speak to Me Only Toni Cardinal-Price 331
Triptych Kathleen Resch 332
And Never Parted, Pt. 2 Elwyn Conway 340
Zine Ad Page Various 412
A Friend in the Bar Toni Cardinal-Price IBC


The Southern Cross front cover
Caren Parnes back cover

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