The Table of Contents

Binary Star Jean Chaboti
On the Eve of Kolinahr Jimmye Galli7
From the Ground, Shining Brightly Crystal A. Taylor9
A Mission's End Elwyn Conway10
Untitled Terry Todzonia29
Earthbound Elwyn Conway32
Heartstrings Terry Todzonia46
Midnight Blue Toni Cardinal-Price47
The Reason Why Pamela Rose & Cindy Deren52
No Second Parting Jean Chabot67
Spock's Courtmartial Sharon Fetter & Linda Neel68
Dread Reality Gene S. Delapenia70
The Rose Judy Darnell70
And Ever Shall Be, Part 2 Nancy Kippax71
Nome Barbara L. Storey98
Parallel Ann Flegg99
Hail, Hecate Dayle S. Barker101
Undertow Jean Chabot103
Ballade from the Fire Barbara L. Storey104
Beautiful Things in Flight Mary Aldridge106
Untitled Jean Ensling109
That Which Lives On Judy Darnell110
The Legend of the P'nari Darien Duck111
The Sun is No Friend of the Dead Ginna LaCroix114
The Dark and Empty Sky Jean Chabot150
Silent Tears Devery Helm151
Vulcan Hands Sharon Fetter155
A Separate Peace Victoria H. Clark157
As Snowflakes Fall Sharon Fetter158
The Seed Marcella Belton160
Untitled Victoria H. Clark190
View of Sarpeidon Kathleen Resch191
The Mountain Weeps Diana King195
Homecoming Merle Decker198
Orion Rising Jean Chabot245
The Loving Touch Jean Chabot249
Both Sides Now, Part 2 Martha J. Bonds250
Dream Upon the Plains of Gol Jean Chabot302
Fascination Bobbie Hawkins304
Dreamworld Ann Flegg309
Windmills of the Mind Annette Hall310
A Friend Gene Delapenia330
To Boldly Go Ellen L. Kobrin331


Gayle Feyrerfront cover
Stefanie Hawksback cover

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