The Table of Contents

My Life Jean Ensling1
Sonnet Number One Barbara L. Storey7
Thataway Kathleen Resch8
Touchstone Jimmye Galli16
Double or Nothing Crystal A. Taylor17
Poem Jean Chabot45
The Honesty's Too Much Pamela Rose46
Finis Jennifer Weston76
The Parting Ginna LaCroix80
The Confrontation Victoria H. Clark107
Whole Again Marguerite Marasciulo109
Star Gazing Victoria H. Clark110
Both Sides Now Martha J. Bonds112
Spanish Moss Pamela Rose142
Lament of the Other Ellen L. Kobrin165
So This is Love Jean Chabot166
Rumors Mary A. Smith168
A Measure of Innocence Toni Cardinal-Price172
Loving Commands Jimmye Galli184
Poem Jean Ensling185
Rationale Dayle Barker186
Nights on Neural Dayle Barker187
Passion Flower Dayle Barker188
Lt. Marlena Moreau Judy Darnell189
Let No Man Put Asunder Annette Hall190
The Time to Speak Jean Barron209
Dark Corners Judy Darnell210
Secrets Susan K. James211
Poem Jean Ensling213
Born of Fire Crystal A. Taylor214
Soliloquy in the Flames Julie Osborn215
The War Goes On Judy Darnell217
Dead Gene Delapenia217
After the Storm Linda Neel218
A Tall Ship Audrey Williams220
Day by Day Beverly Volker221
Blood Lines Gene Delapenia228
And Ever Shall Be Nancy Kippax229
Song of the Le-Matya Jean Chabot266


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Stefanie Hawksback cover

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