The Table of Contents

Elementary Education Jean Ensling i
Title Page Editors 1
Dedication Page Editors 2
Multiplicative Proclivities Editors 5
Discovery Ginna LaCroix 6
Cruel Words Mariann Hornlein 28
Illogic Sarah Liebold 29
Of Zarabeth's Womb Marguerite Marasciulo 30
From Leila Marguerite Marasciulo 33
So Far Away Sarah Liebold 34
If Living is Without You Barbara L. Storey 36
Syvak No. 3 Barbara L. Storey 55
Earth, Air, Water, Fire Victoria H. Clark56
Consumed of Thee Della Van Hise 57
Accident Victoria H. Clark 60
The Heart is Not a Logical Organ Audrey Williams 75
Idol Ruth Kurz 77
Until Sandra Gent & Virginia Green 78
No Bet Ruth Kurz 80
Tell Me Victoria H. Clark 83
Where the Stallion Meets the Sun Toni Cardinal 84
Contrasts Gene Delapenia 104
Apologia & Reply D.J. Biehl105
Pyramids of Power Annette Hall 108
A Special Kind of Friendship Mary Aldridge 109
Time Pete Kaup 114
All the Comforts Pamela Rose115
Meditations of a Retired Hero Sue Bursztynski 116
Corridors of the Mind Annete Hall 117
No Beach Liz Persic 141
Pick Up the Pieces Terry Todzonia142
Hour of Gold Teri White143
No World Alone Sarah Liebold 155
Chronicles Ellen L. Kobrin156
Time Enough Terry Todzonia158
Reunion Mary A. Smith 159
Paradox Dayle Barker 163
Haiku Desire Gonzales 164
Reactions Victoria H. Clark & M.V.M. Varela 165
A Space in Time M.V.M. Varela166
Freezing Embers Marguerite Marasciulo187
Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made Of Della Van Hise 188
The Green Man Val Marshall 191
Trial By Fire Angela Hanslik 209
At the Hand of a Friend Crystal A. Taylor210
I Watched Pete Kaup 212
One Indissoluable Unity Sharon Decker213
Untitled Terry Todzoni 242
Till We Have Faces Victoria H. Clark 243
To Cheat a Devil Sarah Liebold244
Untitled Terry Todzonia 245
Journey's End Ray Newton 246
Renewals Susan Burr 267
Rebuttal Dayle Barker 269
Writing Contest Ellen L. Kobrin271
Someday Diana L. Rusnak 272
Legacy Of Love Judy Ferguson-Clark274
Mine Pete Kaup279
Remembrance Pamela Rose280
A Salvaged Poem Jennifer Weston282
First Love Audrey Williams 283
The Beginning and the End Sandra Gent284
Of Your Own Free Will Crystal A. Taylor286
I Just Came to Say Hello Liz Persic287
Untitled Jean Ensling 292
The Days of Me and You Martha J. Bonds293
Infinity Ruth Kurz 320
Over the Hill to the Poorhouse Susan Wyllie321
Zine Ad Listing Editors 323


Pat Stall front cover, back cover
Stephanie Hawks inside back cover, 77, 213, 293
Merle Decker 6, 143
Sue Klasky 29, 158, 187
Sheila Hallman 30, 34
Kathy Carlson 33, 60, 75, 274
Nan Lewis 36
Gayle Feyrer 57, 188
Michael Verina 84, 191, 246
Leslie Fish 105, 159
Humberto Garcia 117, 271
Ruth Kurz 80
Laurie Huff 141, 284
Al Zequeira 166
Evallou Richardson 269, 272, 287
Carrie Rowles 280, 321

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