The Table of Contents

There was No Chance Jean Ensling i
Title Page Staff Artisté 1
Dedication Page Editor 2
Multiplicative Proclivities The Editors 5
In Gradual Vision Martha J. Bonds 6
Spock, I Love You Victoria Clark 13
If Teri White 14
Their Wings in Tears Ellen L. Kobrin 15
Communion Nancy Kippax 16
She Susan Burr 21
Time, Space, Matter Terry Todzonia 22
In Some Strange Land Victoria Clark 23
Farewell Susan Burr 35
Miramanee Sheila T. Hallman 36
Shattered Jean Ensling 38
Reflections Rose Marie Jakubjansky 38
Queen of Hearts Bev Volker 39
The Message Sally Syrjala 41
Ceremony of Innocence Helene Lynne Kent 43
Of Walls and Doors Victoria Clark 68
Dusk and Dawn Terry Todzonia 69
The Twelve Days of Pon Farr Leon Spurs70
In Time's Wake Toni Cardinal-Price 73
Carpe Diem Ruth E. Kurz 87
A Labour of Love Barbara L. Storey 88
Web of Steel Ellen L. Kobrin 99
To Play in Dangerous Waters Crystal A. Taylor 100
As I See... Susan Burr 102
Get Your Hands Off Him, Spock Victoria Clark 104
First Meeting Crystal L. Taylor 105
The Beginning Ginna LaCroix 106
To Know Thyself Ellen L. Kobrin 119
Second-in-Command Crystal A. Taylor 120
Convergence at Aphelion Terry Todzonia 121
Greetings and Felicitations Gerry Downes 129
Visions Teri White 131
And All We Need of Hell Ellen L. Kobrin 137
The Wait Ellen L. Kobrin 138
In Fire and Ice M.V.M. Varela 139
Time Susan Burr 163
A Few Words Susan Burr 164
Enterprise Marguerite Marasciulo 165


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