The Table of Contents

Nothing Short of an Apocalypse Keiko Kirin Wiseguy 1
Carpe Diem Anne Higgins Inspector Morse 11
Babylon Gloria Lancaster Due South 19
The Rivalry Jeannie Marie Due South 28
You'll Never Know Khylara Miami Vice 35
Among the Flamingos Khylara Miami Vice 36
Kindred Souls Khylara Miami Vice 40
Declarations of Love Khylara Miami Vice 41
Marty's Fear Khylara Miami Vice 41
Eyes to See Kyhlara MacGyver 42
Lazy Sunday Morning Khylara Simon and Simon 48
Incident of the Philologist Mima Cicioni Rawhide 49
I Have a Taste for Thee Miranda Kindred the Embraced 60
The Nar Shaddaa Connection Cara J. Loup Star Wars 64
Empty Peace Khylara War of the Worlds 87
Ghostly Image Khylara War of the Worlds 87
Addiction Lindsey J. Shelton Space: Above and Beyond 88
Poems Vanessa Mullen Various fandoms 144

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