The Table of Contents

Whisper in Silence Kitty Fisher Miami Vice 1
The Last Roman Rosamund Clifford Miami Vice 10
Weekend Father Ida Vega Miami Vice 16
Four in the Morning Khylara Miami Vice 38
Third Time True Khylara Miami Vice 38
Nimrod Cerise The Desert Peach 39
Counted Blessings Khylara MacGyver 46
My Brother's Kiss Khylara Simon and Simon 48
Who Needs Friends? K. Ann Yost The Sandbaggers 49
Angel on My Side Rachel Duncan Wiseguy 54
Chain Reaction Keiko Kirin Wiseguy 55
We'd Walk on the Sea Michelle Christian Wiseguy 80
Island Dragon Wiseguy 83
Recollect the Snow Gloria Lancaster Due South 91
Seconds Gloria Lancaster Due South 98
Indecent Composure Gloria Lancaster Due South 100
Moment of Truth Mary L. Millard Wild Wild West 102
The Night of the Comstock Lode Jeannie Marie Wild Wild West 117
An Uncrossable Bridge Rosamund Clifford Kung Fu: TLC 150


Caren Parnes front cover
Suzan Lovett 54

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