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Mirror of the Soul Carolyn GolledgeHercules 3
Hercules and Iolaus must stop a dragon burning down villages. Then they rescue a young man whose lover has been turned into a dragon...

Dem Bones Carolyn Colledge, Sharpe and WilsonHercules 34
Hilarious happenings when a skeleton insists on haunting Hercules, Iolaus and Jason.

Wrecked and Muddy Carolyn GolledgeHercules 58
Being shipwrecked is just the start of problems for Hercules and Iolaus.

A New Meaning Carolyn GolledgeWitness 72
After the funeral of his murdered detective partner, John Book has more corrupt cops to track down. Too, he has much to decide about what happened between himself and Rachel Lapp. Then he hears a hired gun is out to kill him...

Halloween Hostages Carolyn GolledgeWitness 129
Book, his wife and infant daughter are held hostage by drug runners.

Illumination Carolyn GolledgeIndiana Jones 151
Recaptured by the Nazis, Indy and his father are trapped by an earthquake at the site of their finding the Holy Grail, and Indy is badly hurt. Will they be able to escape before they're killed?

What's in a Name? Carolyn GolledgeStar Wars 168
Han Solo must answer a question put to him by his toddler son, Luke: Why was that name chosen for him?


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