The Table of Contents

Death Hath No Dominion Rowena Warner1
I'll Be Home for Christmas Linda Watson30
The Idealist, the Hardliner and Me Paulie Kay46
It's a Got a Good Beat Gena Fisher47
Through the Looking Glass Beth Muramoto50
Heritage Beth Muramoto60
Tomorrow is Another Day Rowena Warner61
Deprivation Jeanne O'Donnell66
Silent Strength Paulie Kay78
Psycho 3 1/2 Rowena Warner79
You Can Go Home Again Beth Muramoto81
Lt. Col. Santa Claus Rowena Warner91
Trail of Tears Rowena Warner103
The Colonel's Cat Jeanne O'Donnell104
The Seeker Rowena Warner114
Recollections Beth Muramoto130
Shades of Gray Linda Watson131
Parade Rest B.N. Fish151
Wall of Pain Beth Muramoto154
Hello, Paul Paulie Kay155
A New Day Rowena Warner156
A Million Nights Long Linda Watson167

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