$31.00 (US) * $35.00 (Can/Mex) * $38.00 (overseas)
Type: slash

In this intriguing Nash Bridges/Miami Vice crossover zine by Dovya Blacque, Nash Bridges died eight years ago in an undercover-drug-deal-gone-bad, but before anyone outside of Nash's partner and family could find out, Nash was replaced by his cousin, a look-alike cop named Sonny Crockett, who had to 'die' to get get away from some Miami dealers who wanted to put his head on a pike. The solution? Switch the bodies. For eight years, 'Sonny' has been dead and 'Nash' has been annoying the criminals in San Francisco. It's been so long that even his partner and daughter have begun to forget that Nash isn't the original Bridges. Until, that is, Sonny's former boss, Martin Castillo, shows up. Then all hell breaks loose.