The Table of Contents

The Grift of the MAGI Stormy StormhellerStargate: Atlantis 1
Dust Nadja LeeThe Sentinel 16
Snow Day F.E. LinDemon Under Glass 17
Lost in a Kiss Nadja LeeThe Sentinel 52
Escape to the Forest Lianne BurwellOnce a Thief 53
Complaint Portia MacBethKing Arthur 73
The Cup of Nimue Anne-LiFrom Eroica with Love / Brimstone 75
Don't Ever Change Nadja LeeThe Sentinel 116
Gone F.E. LinDemon Under Glass 117
Invitation AngeliseNCIS 129
Fraser's Fear KhylaraDue South 149
The Other Side of the Line KhylaraThe X-Files 151
Richie's Fantasy KhylaraHighlander 154
Last Touch KhylaraThe Phantom Menace 157
The Cat in You Nadja LeeThe Sentinel 160
Hamlet's Dilemma DawnwindI Spy 161
Place the Agency Dr. BogMultimedia 184
Mile High F.E. LinDemon Under Glass 185
Slash and Burn BogMultimedia 198
Diplomacy AutiotaloDemon Diary 199

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