The Table of Contents

A Note From the Perps Editors 2
Fractured World Toshua 5
Soulmates Mrs. Fish 63
Doubting Ellisons T.M Alexander 73
Safe V.G 85
Come In, My Brother T.M Alexander 88
Turn-Around Wanda 91
Pushed Too Far Wolfing 93
Pushing Back T.M Alexander 99
The Iceman Hurteth T.M Alexander 107
Where the Heart Is Pantera 125
Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes T.M Alexander 157
Wait Owlet 183
Don't Be Dead Owlet 187
Lost R.J Burnett 191
Even Death Won't Part Us Now Senta Nahll 193
In Closing Editors 205
This is Who We Are Editors 206


Ann Walton front cover
Larrkin 61
Peej 71, 105

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