The Tribble of Contents

Mindgames Lady Ra1
Kirk goes to Amanda for some advice, trying to understand what's gone wrong between him and Spock.

Emotions Lady Ra29
Spock gets drugged on a shore leave and is overwhelmed with its effects, sending him into pon farr years too early, and Kirk tries to pick up the pieces.

Through the Looking Glass Lady Ra89
On another run to Halka, in the middle of yet another coincidental ion storm, the two Spocks switch universes, disrupting the worlds of the two Kirks left behind. Happy ending, with our universe Spock and Kirk together.

Bonds of Hate and Love Lady Ra125
What if Spock did bond with T'Pring and she never challenged his claim, wanting Spock's family money and status, but hating the "impure half-breed" she was forced to marry to get it? Can Jim's love for Spock outweigh a thousand-year-old tradition and a vindictive woman who is determined to drive Spock insane through their bond?

And When the Bond Breaks Lady Ra157
Spock takes the shuttle for a brief mission to investigate a spatial anomaly, but when he returns to the Enterprise, things are not as he left them.


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