The Table of Contents

Silhouettes Vonne Shepard 2
Where are the Snows of Yesterday? Barbara Trimble 3
Friends Ginna LaCroix 18
Cries of the Children Debbie Cummins 20
Kolinahr: The Missing Peace Michelle Perry 67
He Lives Ginna LaCroix 68
On Watching Star Trek Yvonne Fern 76
Truth Ginna LaCroix 78
Salt in the Wound Mary Volkmer 79
The Balanced Scale Ellen Morris 93
Remnants Betsy Fisher 94
Change of Procedure Sara Hale 96
Intrusion Sandy Zier 116
The Way to Empire Ellen Morris 118
Betrayed Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck122
Whalesongs Cheryl Resnick 147
Stopping By an Unknown Galaxy on a Rotten Evening Flora Poste 148
Analysis of a Friendship D.A. Martin 150
Mind Cannibals Sharon Pillsbury 152
Rescue Cheryl Resnick 230


Connie Faddis front cover
Caren Parnes back cover
Cheryl Zier poetry inside front cover
Myrtle Mitchell calligraphy inside front cover
Caro Hedge other borders

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