The Table of Contents

To Sing Our Song Terri Sylvester 2
Omega/Alpha Lynn Syck & Laurel Ridener3
Existence D.A Martin 4
A Cacophony of Silence Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck6
Vulcansong Betsy Fisher 30
Free Will Kathleen Resch 32
The Beauty of It Betsy Fisher 34
The Turning Point Ginna LaCroix 37
Like Tattered Cloth CarolMel Ambassador66
The Doctor D.A Martin 68
Small Fans Jennifer Weston 70
The In-Between Time Lynn Syck & Laurel Ridener 78
Like a Shooting Star Vonne Shepard 78
The House of Sarek Yvonne Fern79
Gracie at Bat Cheryl Zier 108
The Ways of Spock Ellen Norris 110
Log Entries Ginna LaCroix 112
Medical Logs Sandy Zier 125
Whither Though Goest Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck 129
The Reasons Ginna LaCroix 130
All the Way Home Mary Rottler & Lynn Syck 132
Where are You, Spock? Vonne Shepard 140
Birds of a Feather Mimi English 142
Seven Intrepid Travellers Vonne Shepard 179
Friends Forever Vonne Shepard 180
Shared Light Ellen Morris 182
A Cry of Loneliness Debbie Cummins 186


Myrtle Mitchell Inside Front cover
Caro Hedge 2, 79-107, 110, 130, 181, 182
Mary Mills 78, 112, 125

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