The Table of Contents

Twenty Years of Love Terri Sylvester 2
Medusan Nightmare Julie Lange Arch 4
A Matter of Aesthetics Ginger Dawson 21
A Vulcan Sleeping Trance Beverly Volkar23
Revenge Ginna LaCroix 29
Triumvirate Gloria DeLeon 69
Anachronisms Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck 70
Warmth Jan Davies 72
Baptism by Fire Ginger Dawson73
The Commander Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck 79
Who Mourns for Adonais Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck 80
Until the Fear Subsides CinDe Deren & Diane Miskiewicz 82
Instant Replay Sandy Zier 117
Christopher's Criterion Betsy Fisher128
Speculation Jane Yambe 130
Circles Within Circles Lynn Syck & Laurel Ridener 131
Shore Leave Lynn Syck 152
The Tribbles With Troubles Lynn Syck and Laurel Ridener 153
The Other Side of Forever Kathy Milligan 156
In The Deep Places of Earth Merle Decker 163
Enemies Jan Davies 186
Stardance Ginger Dawson 187
Begin Again Su Fine 195
And Promises to Keep Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck 196
You Think You've Got Tribbles? Ginger Dawson 255
The Tribbles Are Coming Mary Mills 256


Gina Godwin a
Fiona Graves b
Jean Kluge c
Pat Cash d
Mary Stacy-MacDonald e
Caren Parnes f
Merle Decker g
Christine Myers h
Connie Faddis i
Cami Forsells j
Nan Lewis k
Suzan Lovett l

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