The Table of Contents

Editorial Editor 2
LoCs Various 4
Memoria Teneo Terri Sylvester 10
Insights Ginger Dawson 11
We Come to Serve Ginger Dawson 14
Sunbird Jennifer Weston 16
Reporting as Ordered Susan Meinecke 118
Beyond the Starless Sea Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck 120
The First Payment Ginna LaCroix 123
Losses Cheryl Resnick 134
Remember Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck 135
Friendship Donna Frost & Denise Chonka 136
Reflections on a Death Debbie Gilbert 142
The Finest Gift Suzanne Fine 143
Intentions Susan Meinecke 177
Salt in the Wound Debbie Gilbert 178
Empty Spaces Shirley D. Sipe 179
Letter to Jim and Spock Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck 183
Second Chance Sandy Zier 184
No Other Way Ginna LaCroix 186
Thy Brother's Keeper Ginger Dawson 187
Enterprise Cheryl Resnick 194
The Silent Drummer Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck 195
Christmas Presence Laurel Ridener & Lynn Syck 196
In Retrospect Susan Meinecke 198
To Absent Friends Sandy Zier 200
Sawdust in the Stars Beverly Volker & Nancy Kippax 202
Blurbs Editor 266


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