The Table of Contents

Editorial Editor 2
The Elusive Emotion Karen Hayden 4
September Song Beverly Volkar 5
Hold Back the Dark Sandy Zier 11
Endless Skies Carol Swoboda 14
Sunbird Jennifer Weston 16
Brother of the Heart Marion McChesney 45
Questions Betsy Barr 48
McCoy's Lament Carole Swoboda 50
The Trust Ingrid Cross 51
Mind Meld Betsy Barr 68
Fields of Yesterday Terri Sylvester 70
The Warning Ginna LaCroix 72
The Bequest Suzanne Fine 74
Erosion Debbie Gilbert 121
Trinity Beverly Volkar 122
Quotes Lynn Syck 124
Last Meld Martha Bonds 125
Objectivity Debbie Gilbert 128
Hannibal's Logic Harriett Stallings 129
Afterwards Lynn Syck 151
The Right Move Laurel Ridener 158
To Help a Friend Karen Hayden 160
Faces of Eternity Laurel Ridener 162
Elegy For The Brave Various 164
By Way of Reply Laurel Ridener 165
McCoy on Kirk Lynn Syck 168
Vision of Death Lynn Syck 169
Genesis Lynn Syck 173
Journey to Understanding Karen Hayden 174
Yesterday's Dream Marion McChesney 176
Voyage Nocturne Jennifer Weston 177
Ads Various 222


T.J. Burnside front cover
Betsy Barr inside front cover
Carole Swoboda back cover

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