The Table of Contents

The Birthday Two-Step Dana Austin Marsh6
Dinner with My Vulcan Karla Kelly19
Dilemma Lisa Pallisan20
Vis-a-Vis Lisa Pallisan21
A Logical Deduction Karla Kelly22
Untitled Kelly Graves Reiger26
To Date a Captain Jean Gabriel28
Taste the Wine Lisa Pallisan51
A Bizarre Bazaar Phaedra Morgan and Dora O'Brien52
Always the Unknown Karla Kelly67
Castaway Karla Kelly67
Epilogue Dana Austin Marsh70
The Eyebrow Lisa Pallisan74
Another Word for Life Barbara Taylor76
To Be or Not to Be Karla Kelly85
The K/S Dictionary Dana Austin Marsh86
A Slightly Different Cave Story Karla Kelly90
Listening Dana Austin Marsh93
Precious Growing Things Kathy Stanis94
All Things Great or Small Kelly Graves Reiger103
Someone Kathy Stanis104
Untitled Dana Austin Marsh106
Can You Feel the Rain? Karla Kelly107
Double Indemnity Dora O'Brien and Samantha Stone108
A Solitary Man Kelly Graves Reiger131
Rumor Has It Dana Austin Marsh132
The Ending of a Game Kelly Graves Reiger155
An Inner View Phaedra Morgan156
For Roddenberry Karla Kelly160


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