The Table of Contents

When the Cat's Away Dana Austin Marsh6
Dimensions of Mind Rachel Cavendish40
A Cock and Bull Story Phaedra Morgan42
Why Did I Leave? Kelly Graves49
Second Guessing Kay Wells50
Limerick A.A. Gray63
Such Things as Dreams are Made of Kelly Graves63
Some Like It Hot Sabina Bauer64
Limerick A.A. Gray68
Where are You? Kelly Graves69
Trial Rachel Cavendish70
Forever Dana Austin Marsh71
The Baths of Tizar Phaedra Morgan72
Lies Dana Austin Marsh88
Parted and Never Parted Jane Elza89
Missing You Jean Gabriel90
Limerick A.A. Gray113
Odyssey Rachel Cavendish114
The Vulcan Adviser Kelly Graves115
Out of Grasp Rachel Cavendish116
Take Two Duo118
Two Beds are Better Than One Dana Austin Marsh120
Limerick A.A. Gray140
Genie Jane Elza141
The Turn of a Card Samantha Stone142
If Only Kelly Graves162
Should Old Acquaintance Jane Elza163
Why? A.A. Gray166


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