The Table of Contents

Gol Jane Elza5
Sweet Dreams Deborah Cummins6
Second Thoughts Jane Elza24
One Born Every Minute A.A. Gray26
The Knowing Eye Rachel Cavendish29
To Snare a Fox Samantha Stone30
The Last Sound Bonita Kale75
The Token Susan K. Dundas76
Fragile Hearts Rachel Cavendish93
Chess Lessons Jane Elza94
There's Nothing Like Tradition Phaedra Morgan96
Jim, I May Have Been in Error Bonita Kale104
Clouds Rachel Cavendish106
Dissertation Proposal Jane Elza107
No Laughing Matter Dana Austin Marsh112
Time of Madness Bonita Kale155
Perchance to Dream Jane Elza156
Games Dana Austin Marsh159
Artistry Rachel Cavendish160
Healing Bonita Kale161
Wounds of Love Phaedra Morgan162
Living Without You A.A. Gray170


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