The Table of Contents

Cartoon Karen Eaton2
Tight Jeans and Pants Vonne Shepard4
The Return of Ann Holly Gena Fisher5
Murphy and McCabe Vonne Shepard14
Sweet Charity Daria Littlejohn15
All in a Day's Work Jatona P. Walker23
Murphy Vonne Shepard32
The Whole Story Mirenna33
The Raw Recruit Daria Littlejohn43
George Cowley Vonne Shepard58
Bodie's 9th Life Gena Fisher59
Reflections in an Empty Glass Londa Pfeffer65
Paperwork Daria Littlejohn79
Cartoon Karen Eaton82
A Vital Piece of Information Setter83
Spike's Place Gena Fisher89
Cartoon Karen Eaton94
The Best Medicine Baravan95


Cat Anestopoulo88
Jana Claussen32
Lana ClaussenFront Cover
Anja Gruber4, 13, 48, 57
H. Ann Walton24, 65, 101

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