The Table of Contents

Mates Vonne Shepard1
Doubts Gena Fisher3
One Good Turn Deserves Daria Littlejohn13
Opposites Vonne Shepard21
Broken Dawn Vicki Martin and H. Ann Walton23
Cowley's Boys Vonne Shepard45
The Initiation Ruby46
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Daria Littlejohn54
Why Do You Hate Them? Setter57
Lost, But Not Alone Daria Littlejohn60
Commiseration Gypsy67
AfterWords Londa Pfeffer79
Memories in Music Daria Littlejohn87
Command Performance Gypsy92
Christmas Pros Daria Littlejohn95
Shattered Memories Londa Pfeffer97


H. Ann WaltonFront cover, 22, 45, 71
Karen Eaton2, 53, 94
Anja Gruber20, 39, 78, 83, 96
Baravan56, 112

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