The Table of Contents

Jedi Night Barbara Louise Wenk13
Sunday Afternoon at the Con R. Merrill Bollerud15
Mayan Calendar Barbara Wheel32
Peoples of Vulcan: The Sea People Sandra Wise34
Sun Warmth Nancy Giudice37
Now You See It Devra Lansam38
The Bet Barbara Wenk50
Notes on the Talos Report Ruth Berman68
The Guardian Stephanie Spearman and Julie Driver73
Mudd in Your Eye Larian Lois Turner75
Cylons is Golden Sandra Wise and Marian Lois Turner106


Kathy Carlson91
Susan Crites8
Hans Dietrich50, 52, 61, 65
Amy Falkowitzback cover
Caroline Hedge13
Kathi Higley29
Susan Klaskyfront cover, 24, 80
Terri Laponovich105
Nan Lewis72
MRO Ludwig6, 7, 35, 36, 70
Steven Miller97
Jane Peyton77, 82, 90, 93, 101, 104
Deborah Lleyn Phillips17, 21, 23, 31
Carrie Rowles14, 74
Carolyn Ruth67
Janice Scott-Preston106
Mike Symes87
Barbara Wheel32
Allyson Whitfield37
Sally Wyant10, 11, 95

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