MAS-ZINE 5, Vol. 1

Available in both CD and printed zine formats (zine illustrations are not in color )

The Table of Contents

Offstage by Heather Elizabeth Peterson
          Michael's House is facing ruin -- unless one of the partners falls back on old ways....

When Nightlings Dream by Natsume U.
          Mind-wiped Kail is at the mercy of Doctor Simmons, the director of Warwick Asylum. His future seems hopeless until Lord Ryanthis appears. Will he save Kali? Or will Kail suffer a fate even more horrible in his hands?

The Servant of Inari by Tyellas
          A love triangle of a guardsman, a young prince and a trickster fox-spirit.

Only Sleeping by Lewis Katsukawa
          Cam needs shelter, food and a place to sleep. The cold and beautiful Sterling has all that to offer, but what he demands as payment is more than the young streetwalker bargained for.

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