Available in both CD and printed zine formats (zine illustrations are not in color )

The Table of Contents

PATHFINDER by Rushlight
          The young pathfinder Shai desperately needs a genetically suitable partner to prevent his extrasensory talents from running amok. Unfortunately Kalil, one of the town's brutal crime-lords, fits the description.

          In the dark times of the early Middle Ages, Berin, the Commander of Skarrin Guard, falls into the treacherous claws of his powerful uncle, Bishop Langeric de Decran.

          A society built on slavery -- and Joran, the young Aristo, has fallen as deep as one can and still survive. Sequel to "Expulsion" from MAS-Zine #2.

FORTRESS by Becca Abbott
          Iason is the leader of the ruling class, the Blondies, and beloved son of the all-powerful artificial intelligence called Jupiter, who will forgive him anything -- except a conflict of loyalty. Ai no Kusabi fanfiction - the sequel to "Wasteland" from MAS-Zine #2!

UNICORNS by C. E. Gatchalian
          Cutting-edge m/m lit.

          The young sorcerer Hadrian is hunted by most of the land after he was forced by his father to participate in the destroyment of the city of Rhiad. Caled, a mercenary who lost family and friends in the attack is now his reluctant traveling companion. His lust for revenge is only being thwarted by a Life-bond that prevents him from killing Hadrian, but Caled is nothing if not inventive.

BARBARIANS by Heather Elizabeth Peterson
          Vovim was renowned for its strong monarchy, for its love of the theater, and for its skill in the art of torture. In other words, it had all the qualities needed to become a civilized nation. But would anyone be willing to defy Vovim's tyrannical king? And if they did, would they survive?

HIDDEN by Heather Elizabeth Peterson
          He had been given the kindest, gentlest torturer in the dungeon. The prisoner was left with only one hope: that he could teach his torturer how to be cruel.

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