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Type: gen

In the small western town of Curtis Wells live sweethearts Newt Call and Hannah Peale, and rich-man Clay Mosby, who owns most of the town and has an obsession with young Hannah, who looks remarkably like his late wife, Mary. Mosby's friends from childhood, Robert and Olivia, stand by him as he fights his attraction to Hannah. Contained in this zine are a pair of stories, written individually by Roberta Stuemke and Jody Revenson, about the ghosts that haunt Clay Mosby...from idyllic antebellum childhood, through the horrors of a most uncivil war, to the need to survive and start over...and the one ghost he can never leave behind, in Virginia or New Orleans or Montana. In the notes of a song comes the cold urge to die. One day, he will be alone, without Robert or Olivia or Mattie to stop him, and then....