The Table of Contents

Night of the Cat Caroline DareThe Professionals 1
Leap of Faith Elizabeth UrichMan from UNCLE/Quantum Leap 11
High Stakes Bettina SheetsThe Professionals 24
Baker's Man DVSMan from UNCLE/Starsky & Hutch 30
Maolodaar Dreams Brendan O'CullaneBlake's 7 53
A Teddybare Tale Caroline DareThe Professionals 54
Waiting for the Light LolaMan from UNCLE 58
Fifth-Grade Ignorant Brendan O'CullaneBlake's 7 68
A Statement of Affairs Gloria LancasterThe Professionals 69
Hindsight Jane MailanderBlake's 7 82
Rumours of Life Matilda WillardBlake's 7 91
Spy Time Gene DelapeniaBlake's 7 105
Eye of the Beholder Matilda WIllardBlake's 7 106
Your Fondest Wish Lynne FranklinBlake's 7 114
Plomo o Plata E. LapidaeJames Bond 120
Royal Academy Jacquie BahamWizards and Warriors 130
Outfoxed LysetteZorro 138
Sea of Love Leda MerVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea 151
Soft Asylum Natasha BarryL.A. Law 175
Point of No Return TenayaAlias Smith & Jones 189
The Other Side of the Coin C. MontclairLovejoy 204


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