The Table of Contents

Lonely Hearts Club Morgan CalabreseAlien Nation 1
Friend, Not Foe Judith EllisonBlake's 7 5
Vestiges of Thought Vivian VandenbergStar Trek: TNG 6
Odd Man Out Gene S. DelapeniaBlake's 7 12
A Bit of Humor Leah RosenthalBlake's 7 13
Trick or Treat TenayaBlake's 7 14
The Troad Not Taken Sybil McKayThe Professionals 20
Gentleness Anna ParrishStar Trek (TOS) 34
Alone Gene S. DelapeniaBlake's 7 54
Dancing in the Dark MerlynHouston Knights 55
Mirror, Mirror Morgan CalabreseMiami Vice 63
Fatal Fascination Judith EllisonBlake's 7 73
Forever and Ever...Amen Sybil McKayThe Professionals 74
The Hands of an Artist Adrian AlexanderBlake's 7 97
The Healing Kaveri SinghMiami Vice 107
The Bittersweet Affair Clotilda WillardMan from UNCLE 119
The Story Teller Adrian AlexanderBlake's 7 130


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