The Table of Contents

Proposal Dovya Blacque4
Pon Koon Theresa Kyle5
Duty's Call Elise Madrid39
Proof Dovya Blacque47
Incantation Starr Copeland48
Shattered Mirror Gilrain49
Gold Starr Copeland85
Progressions Helen86
Argelian Games Gigi Pickney87
Time Will Tell Rosemary Heaton97
First Love Time Dahlquist103
Indigo Starr Copeland104
Fizbin Eleanor Locke105
Touched Dovya Blacque115
On the Edge of Forever Time Dahlquist116
Temporarily Incapacitated D. JoAnne Swanson117
One Unexpected Morning Starr Copeland130
Shadow Play Elise Madrid131
Communication Jenna Hilary Sinclair179


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