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Of Lovers and Goats Mary Kay3
During a diplomatic gathering, Kirk has nearly everything thrown at him that will turn his actions into questionable choices... just in time for his soon-to-be bondmate's father, Sarek, to arrive at the proceedings.

Two Twelve-Word Poems Dovya Blacque 39

Sanctuary Elsa40
Kirk and Spock struggle to find each other again following Spock's rebirth. They've both suffered tremendous changes and now they must try to fit together once again.

Carry You Home Khiori60
Rescue finally arrives for Kirk and Spock after they've been held prisoner and tortured for months. The protective nature of Kirk's devolution speaks loudly of his deep care for his first officer.

Four Six-Word Poems Dovya Blacque78

We Brave Souls Dovya Blacque79

Tough Love Mary Kay80
A "Mirror, Mirror" Universe story in which two differently-natured individuals learn to overcome their society's programing to discover a new world they alone can build.

Shade Dovya Blacque132

Atrocity T'Racionn133

Memories T'Racionn134

The Rhythms of Universal Tides Dovya Blacque135
Spock has a confession to make to his captain, a statement which he believes will change his life forever, and not in a positive manner.

Lab Work Dovya Blacque149

Homecoming Starr Copeland150

Tune Without Words Theresa Kyle151
It is Vulcan law that all males of age must be bonded. Since T'Pring divorced Spock, he finds himself without a bondmate, and without any prospect of one. To counter Sarek's insistence that he bond with T'Pring's sister, Spock begins to search the crew of the Enterprise for potential mates, quickly, before Sarek's deadline comes due.


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