The Table of Contents

Commander Arlan Symons3

Approval T'Racionn4
Spock muses on what Surak would have thought of James Kirk.

Mind Games Mary Kay5
Random, racy thoughts about Jim's bondmate are causing that bondmate to have very particular - and embarrassing - reactions. No one is amused... except McCoy.

A Kiss Upon Thy Lips Denise Dion28

Komak's Trap K.T. Torry29
Unfounded suspicions on Komak's part about the true relationship between Kirk and Spock have Captain Kirk in an uproar, suspicions which Kirk would rather have as fact than dream.

Esthetics Faris Vincent38

Food for Thought Khiori39
Making the observation that when grown men share as much food as Kirk and Spock do, something other than friendship must be up, Commodore Wesley narrows in to try to prove his theory.

Crying How Bright Eimeo45
Even facing retirement, Kirk reflects on how he and Spock are still the same men they always were.

Shining Faris Vincent50

Sweet Dreams Deborah51
Kirk is having some rather disturbing dreams about his first officer.

Silence Arlan Symons73

Eagle in Flight Mary Kay77
A young Kirk and Spock vacation at Kirk's childhood home, not wishing to share their new relationship with anyone just yet. But a mother always knows when her son's in love.

Giving In Denise Dion100

Yes, Yes, and also, Yes T.K. Torry101
Could Kirk's insomnia be caused by his unresolved feelings for his best friend?

Like Lightning Dovya Blacque107
The death of Kirk's mother sends him into a tailspin, and he finds himself grieving more than he ever expected to. And then along comes a strange discovery in an empty part of space that really makes Kirk start thinking.

Footloose Denis Dion and Medicated Maniac163
A simple leg cramp for Kirk turns into something else completely for Spock.

Beginnings CatalenaMara167
This story takes place in a universe proposed by Harve Bennett about Kirk and Spock during their Academy years, and deals with racial bullying from upper classmen, Kirk's relationship with Janice Lester and an unexpected friendship.


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