The Table of Contents

Together Karin Porter5
Dilithium Dreams Islaofhope23
Brother of My Soul Heidi Manzone31
Tonight Helen32
Off the Beaten Trek Alexandira Vincent33
My T'hy'la Heidi Manzone48
Keeping Secrets Theresa Kyle49
The Last Night Helen61
Completion Khylara62
One Way Street Leigh Bideaux63
First Time Helen71
Resurrection Khylara72
Just a Kiss Jenna Hilary Sinclair73
The End of the Search Heidi Manzone81
Blck and White Time Dahlquist83
Wishes Khylara84
Candles in the Wind Jean Hinson85
Paradise? Liz105
Of Lore and Myth Dovya Blacque118
The Touch of Your Hand Dovya Blacque119
Someday Helen137
The Necessary Meld J.S. Cavalcante139


Gayle Feyrerfront cover

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