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The Healing Amanda Bradley and Haley AndrettiNCIS 1
Chasing down sickos who like to do horrific things to their victims before they finally kill them, Tony refuses to wait for backup and attempts to take them down alone, only to be captured himself. At the last moment, he's rescued by Gibbs, McGee and Ziva, and while Tony is still alive, was the rescue truly in time? Will Gibbs allow himself to lower his own walls and show his young lover that having been tortured and made 'weak' isn't enough to drive Gibbs away, that love will always out, no matter what?

Army / Navy Games Amanda Bradley and Haley AndrettiThe Sentinel / NCIS 14
When a deadly murder spree in Washington, DC, matches a previous case in Cascade, Washington, NCIS reaches out to Jim and Blair, asking them to come give their help in tracking down what must be a copycat, because Lash, the original murderer, had been killed by Jim. Hadn't he? And what connection do Jim and Gibbs have, hidden in both men's extremely private pasts? Blair is determined to find out.

Waiting, Ever Waiting Amanda BradleyNCIS 55
Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a man whose very name denotes strength and the cunning ability to Get Things Done, is shot while on a case, and his life is hanging by a thread. All of Gibbs' NCIS family is standing by, waiting for him to pull through, but one is hit harder by fear than most. Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo has only just found the love of his life, and while he and Gibbs must keep it a secret due to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Tony discovers how hard it is to pretend he's only concerned about his boss as any teammember would be. As Gibbs goes from one medical emergency to another, and someone tries to finish the job the bullet failed to do, will Tony finally break and admit he loves Gibbs?

When Thunder Cries Amanda BradleyThe Sentinel 114
Soon after Blair's press conference disavowing his own dissertation, Jim is given a federal request to go undercover to ferret out some terrorist activity in L.A. No contact is allowed, but after several weeks, it's discovered that Jim never made it to L.A. and has been missing since he left Cascade. Blair and Simon determine to find him and bring him home, but the organization they run up against seems to know all about Sentinels and aren't willing to let go of the one they have. Can Jim survive being what he's always feared most a lab rat subjected to horrific tests or will rescue come in time? And if it does, will there be enough of Jim Ellison left to matter?


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