In this sequel novella to Love is the Law, (see listing below) by Melody Clark, one former New York Special Victims Unit detective observed, "Nobody sees what we see." Unbeknownst to his SVU colleagues, one of their own had seen all that and more. As revealed during his days on "Homicide: Life on the Streets," John Munch has a dark and haunted past, but as his partner Fin and John embark upon their new life together, Fin discovers pockets of John's past about which he'd never known. And he calls upon John to make changes to ensure their future together. The only question is whether John is strong enough, at this late date, to change.

Type: slash

$16.00 (US) * $20.00 (Can/Mex) * $23.00 (overseas)


In this wonderful novella by Melody Clark, on Christmas Eve, as the SVU must investigate a string of Tribeca rape/murders, it becomes clear to everyone that John Munch is heading for his 19th nervous breakdown. Munch has been fixated on a pattern in the crimes that he thinks builds a circle around him. Only his partner, Fin Tutuola, sees that there's more to John's speculations than his usual conspiracy theories. Fin suspects it's more situational more a factor of who John is than who the perp may be. Fin must race against time to save lives, and to spare John Munch an early end to his celebrated career. But John knows well the seeds of his emotional Wounded Knee: that at this late hour of his middle age, he at last has proof that true love exists. The end of the unbearable is only thwarted by his absolute conviction that his one true love is forever out of his reach.

Type: slash

$18.00 (US) * $22.00 (Can/Mex) * $25.00 (overseas)


When Naomi Sandburg disappears in New York City, the Special Victims Unit team of Detectives Elliott Stabler and Olivia Benson get assigned to the case. Sentinel Jim Ellison and his partner and Guide, Blair Sandburg, go to New York to help with the search for Blair's mom, and it's soon apparent they are dealing with more than a simple kidnapping, especially when the SVU team learns this isn't Blair's, or Naomi's, first trip to the city. From the prolific pen of KAM, with a gorgeous color cover and interior art by Lilac, comes this fascinating Law and Order: Special Victims Unit/The Sentinel crossover novel!

Type: slash

$21.00 (US) * $25.00 (Can/Mex) * $28.00 (overseas)