The Table of Contents

Crossword Marian Flandersiv
Fancy's Hot Fire Jungle Kitty1
Demon in My View T'Hera11
The Ultimate Pon Farr Story D.A Marsh and P. Morgan65
Balancing Act Heidi Manzone72
Transporter Gena Moretti73
Misunderstanding T'Rhys109
Iowa Jane St. Clair111
Details D.A. Marsh and P. Morgan131
A Wish Come True Heid Manzone135
Spare the Rod Jungle Kitty137
Soliloquy on the Eve of Bonding Heidi Manzone142
Child of the Empire, Child of Vulcan Karin Porter143
Puzzle Solution Marian Flanders192
Dying Words Emily Adams193


Shelley Butlerfront cover
Elizabeth Woledge50

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