The Transylvania Twist of Contents

Letters of Comment D. Readers 1
Shame Tera Mitchel Forever Knight3
As You Bite It Pam Jensen Vampire/Shakespeare7
Poison B.N. Fish Nick Knight9
Vampire Foundation Blood Drive Pam Jensen Vampire53
Holiday B.N. Fish Nick Knight54
Janette's Ruby Red Preserves Pam Jensen Vampire106
The Sitting B.N. Fish Nick Knight107
Fortune Cookies for Vampires Pam Jensen Vampire113
Fangs for the Memories Cindy Rancourt Real Ghostbusters114
The Very Knives of Mincer Pam Jensen Vampire/Shakespeare173
Distraction B.N. Fish Nick Knight174
Safe Sucks Pam Jensen Vampire185
Setback B.N. Fish Nick Knight187


Judy BreuerFront Cover

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